Audrey Turner Photography | Birth Photography
Here are some of my favorite birth photography pictures from birth photography sessions.
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My first birth to witness and photograph-
I was so nervous the whole way to “The Farm” in Summertown, TN, where the birth that I would be photographing would take place. I prayed the whole way. I prayed for guidance and skills needed to capture such a sweet moments for this family. I prayed for the mother and baby! I prayed that I would make it there in time and would not miss the birth! When I arrived at the birthing cabin arond 7:00pm I was expecting to walk into a high emotion situation as the last text told me that she was dilated to 6+. I was so surprised to walk into a very calm laid back atomsphere! I guess it makes sense! A friend explained it like this “its not an emergency, its a birth!”. The baby was born at 7:47. I can’t help but think that God was there with all of us! I can’t think them enough for allowing me to be there to witness and photograph such an awesome experience!

birth, photography