Thanks for the response,am ready to buy the it and pay $4,700 by paypal and including PayPal surcharges since i am interested in the immediate purchase for my In-Law as a surprise gift he just moved to the Darwin where this is needed and i will be making use of a shipping company to have this picked up from you and have it delivered to him .Further arrangements will be made with you in regards to the pick up once i have paid you,advice soon i am an oceanographer and due to the nature of my work, phone calls making and visiting of website are restricted but i squeezed out time to check this advert and send you an SMS regarding it. Queensland police said the scam originated in Brisbane but had become increasingly prevalent across south-east Queensland. I got suspicious very quickly as well. Thanks for the response,I would have loved to call you directly but due to the nature i work with the The Australian Army Corps. They owe me a total of 1215. (Of course it is, I just posted my ad?) I am Due to my inability to make a cash deposit, I would be paying through PayPal which is safer for me or bank transfer as well safe. I will transfer the money to your account and my personal representative courier agent will meet you for the collection and deliver it to my new house in Riverton after you confirmed the payment. ASIC has warned against insider trading, but what exactly is it? (Or they have people whose job is to just watch gumtree all day? After a few more web searches, it appeared Anita's story was doing the rounds. 10 min ago I received an sms and email with the exact same story but with a different name, from someone working in the mining in NT asking for my PP or BSB as I want to sell a suitcase in gumtree. their) Paypal account. Why are you providing so much information about your situation?? Your options for recovery if goods aren't received is close to nil. Kindly get back to me with your location so that i can inform the courier agent about it now? Unfortunately Gumtree will not do anything. "If someone's quite pushy in trying to collect the item as soon as possible after providing a transfer receipt, that's another tell-tale sign.". Follow our live coverage for the latest news on the coronavirus pandemic. The platform also has a payee confirmation step, where you'll be shown the name of the person linked to the PayID you're about to pay. Something was off so I google and found this page and cancelled the sale. I work with as an onshore doctor here in Australia and provides around-the-clock medical and emergency care for illnesses and injuries sustained by members of the oil rig crew. Same story as many examples described previously. I want it to be the perfect graduation gift for him and am making it a surprise package as well ,Does it have any history I should be aware of? what's your final price? So I googled the dangers of giving bank account details and came across this article - thank you :). Do you know who buys a 2nd hand vehicle over price and wants it shipped 2000km without even inspecting? I just got this message. Basically I'm selling a PS5 on gumtree. I'm very pleased this site is following this. Someone contacted me offering to pay the price I have requested. As the story says, scammers won't be able to access funds in your account without a PIN, ID or online banking information. Since I'm requesting this transaction to be done via PayPal, i will be responsible for all the paypal charges on this transaction and if you do not have an account with paypal, its pretty easy, safe and secured to open one. He was wrong. Same story happened to me. Tel: 312-621-1200 (Ext 255-252-212) - The Largest Deal Community in the UK. Further she wanted to buy it and I disclosed my E-Mail address I'm using for PayPal and also my BSB and account number. GUMTREE OR FACEBOOK MARKETPLACE = CASH ON PICKUP ONLY. But when I was asked for my bank account details by a potential buyer, I hesitated. By the way, I sold the bed to a lovely gentleman in Victoria. 3)Address for pickk up Same thing happend to me, selling my car. FYI - this is details from scam email I received 8 Sept 2019, The EXACT same thing just happened to me!!! "However, like your BSB and account number, your PayID can only be used to receive funds - it can never be used to take money from your account. Find and share the best deals, promotional codes and vouchers from on and off the web. Free Member. Below is the email I received. I will make a concrete pick up an arrangement with my transport agent who will be coming over for pick up once you receive full payment into your account. Enjoyed reading that. I work with as an onshore nurse here in Australia and provides around-the-clock medical and emergency care for illnesses and injuries sustained by members of the oil rig crew. I am okay with the asking price and would love to go ahead with the deal right away because this meets my perfect search for time being now. Oh dear I am afraid I have been scammed well I definitely have. And is the New Payments Platform (NPP) making it safer for us to receive money? Thought it was safe considering the private information that he provided. will only need the PayPal email or Bank account details to make the payment what, they chose you, helpless internet user, you're about to ride the millennium falcon for the simple fee of selling an old spare tyre to make some beer money for yourself. COVID could spark a shift, They built their own town when no-one else wanted them. Dodgy f**k. I reported him to Gumtree but it obviously doesn't do much good. Every day scammers are inventing new ways to rob you of your money. I was then told funds would be transferred but I needed to pay a courier $950 first I started to cotton on at this point and told him this is too werid and too much fuss for an old ute. The likelihood of you losing money in some way is about 0.1%, and consider this, if you write a cheque to someone, guess what it has your account and BSB number on it! Company name he used was falcon oil and gas in beetaloo basin Northern Territory. It sounds good to know that it is still available for sale. Thank goodness my instinct knew this was a bit 'phishy' and I did a if research and discovered Effie's article. I live in Canberra, and reading your exchange with him, he told you that his daughter lives in the ACT :) I am ready to make the payment so get back to me with the details below : That is all I need in order to make the payment through a secure online bank transfer from my bank to yours. Reading all the above I've realized scammers must have created some sort of tracking code on gumtree to alert them of new postings over a certain $ amount. I was selling a motorbike on Gumtree and I thought something seemed off about this guy, then he sent me this message. A quick search on her "employer's" website revealed this scam warning: "New Zealand Oil & Gas does not directly employ staff on offshore platforms. he says to pay buy bank transfer and they will be sent recorded post, also another person says i can pay buy paypal but it just seems dodgy to me check these links out and tell me what you think, thaaanking you . We do not have access to phone at the moment, its 5days off and 25days on which is why I contacted you with internet messaging facility. "in talks with freight company to discuss pick up" - someone with that kind of money to waste and time to waste buying a $50 old bed from gumtree, pay for it to be sent halfway across the country would not be in "talks with freight company". Although I write about Gumtree, the scam detailed below can be perpetrated on any public buying and selling website. Some businesses are more cautious and verify that the nominated direct debit account is yours by asking for some kind of proof but whenever I've registered a direct debit no checks were involved. Did a bank transfer through osko payid but was immediately blocked on everything. The scammers operate by contacting sellers and asking to buy items such as cars, machinery and mechanical parts, valued between $1,000 and $25,000, sight unseen. and why are you selling if you don't mind my asking. someone transfers money from their own bank account to one belonging to a criminal I replied asking if she was local to me and if a bank transfer or cash on collection would be possible. Thanks for the response, i will take it for $1100 including PayPal Sub charges since i am interested in the immediate purchase and also satisfied with pictures of it i've seen. The red flags for spammers on Gumtree are usually dodgy English, asking questions already answered in the ad, brand new Gumtree accounts, and insisting on transactions being done by email rather than phone. She then asked to me to pay her agent which organises the pick-up via western union, she'll just transfer more money to do so. According to ING's David Breen, "In the unlikely event that an unauthorised transaction takes place on an ING Direct account, the customer will not be liable for the unauthorised transaction, provided they have complied with the terms and conditions of the account.". This just happened to me!! AEST = Australian Eastern Standard Time which is 10 hours ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). Thanks for getting back mate, I'm ok with the condition as described on the advert and what price are you willing to sell without the reg and rwc. "Giving your BSB and account number to a third-party to receive or send funds is generally safe, but you should only give out banking details to organisations or people who you know have a genuine need to know this information," says Peter Marshall, Mozo's product data manager. I'm posting these here so other people can find them and avoid getting ripped off by dodgy Gumtree buyers. Assume he will have to change his email address from now on to further scam people. Moreover if someone is prepared to pay extra for the item and more for shipping halfway across the country for a 2nd hand item, then show me the money first in my separate safe account before I even dust it off. Scam victim John said he spoke to the supposed buyer, who had clear mechanical knowledge of the product, a number of times. I have notified my bank to be wary of unauthorised account debits, but I'm concerned about the possibility of identity theft. No exceptions, no discussions, no deliveries, no bank transfers and no PayPal or any online transactions! What do I need to do as i jave given out my bank The rest played out like a typical scam. Chargeback also applies to credit card transactions but will be particularly useful where goods cost less than £100 and so section 75 doesn’t apply. I am away at sea at the moment,i work with New Zealand Oil and Gas (NZOG) and we are presently offshore in New Zealand Taranaki Basin on kapo project. Paypal will protect you to an additional layer by not leaving your credit card details in systems for years that are subject to security breaches. I thought it was weird they were asking if it was still up for sale because I had just listed it. She has been contacted by a potential buyer who wants to view it tomorrow with a view of taking it away. "The buyer's mate came and picked up the item and a couple of days later the money hadn't cleared so I made my own inquiries and found out that I had been scammed," John said. I bought a laptop Gumtree and paid by cash. The voluntary code commits banks that are signed up to it to a series of measures to tackle APP fraud, such as educating customers about scammers and how they work. I need your PayPal Full name and email address so i can send the money now. of these types of emails. This is very late to the party, but this would only then mean you need to swipe a statement from the bank if the target still uses paper bills.. the "reference numbers" are 2 sub 5c amounts deposited into your account. Am i being scammed on gumtree? I am away at sea at the moment,i work with New Zealand Oil and Gas (NZOG) and we are presently offshore in New Zealand Taranaki Basin on kapo project. Some time ago, then Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson revealed his bank details in a newspaper column to prove that nobody could use them to withdraw money from his accounts. A Real Girl's Guide to Money: From Converse to Louboutins. I'm a member of the Australian Defence Force and our Australian personnel are also currently deployed to the Middle East Region for the Force Support Element (FSE) till December. If I give someone my account number on my card can they hack my paypal account or do they need more info? Obviously its clear those are scam emails and steer clear, but if its not obvious to you, and the emails are rather pointlessly lengthy and focus more bout PayPal payment than the actual item, ask a friend, report or ignore. Everybody beware of Why would you pay $300 for me to take down the listing? I got the same type of scam wen I put my old beat up junker car for sale. John is the latest to be targeted by a syndicate of scammers operating on online trading sites, predominantly Gumtree, using doctored receipts to take items without paying. He said he also asked for documents to prove the buyer's identity before handing the item over. Chris at Launceston Tas Scammers can't access funds in your account without a PIN, ID or online banking information. I could have banked his cheque and not delivered the bed but by this stage he knew who I was and figured I was good for my money. He seems pretty genuine BUT He says that he won’t be able able to get the cash and would a bank transfer be okay. (We are offering ' POD', ‘IN-TRUST ’ and ‘TRUST’ Accounts) Contact Details: , I am trying to sell my car on Gumtree and Car Sales. I ended up here thanks to your comment. I work on North West Shelf in the Rowley Sub-basin in Perth and the reception here is terrible. 20 years on, the owner wants the land back, Five years on and much-hyped 'city deals' haven't lost lustre despite funding problems and delays, Ransomware attack causes three-week NT Government system shutdown, 'We've seen what happened to the people in NSW': Victorians stuck in Qld hope for doughnut day, Man who allegedly jumped off ship in breach of quarantine rules an 'unusual case', WA Premier says, I was overweight, my thinking felt slow and my sons called me 'Fatty'. If you are interested in selling it please provide me Please don't trust this kind of weird goings on. An anonymous number gave me a text from GeoOp asking to e-mail Michelle Dobbins on I want it as a surprise package to appreciate him towards his achievement and to be delivered before my arrival NT as my family lives in NT. Within half an hour of posting my son's bed I got a message from "Anita" asking if it was still available and, if so, could I contact her via email. I don't mind adding an extra $300.00 for you just to take down the posting. These could be used in certain frauds, but the scenarios aren't useful for non-attributable scams. Bank account by using your Bank account details and you can easily set up I did go through your advert and I am satisfied with it. and why are you selling it if you don't mind my asking. If you don't feel cold hard cash in your hands, you do not give your goods to anyone. The BSB and account number are on every cheque you no the Victorian gentleman didn't escape that exposure anyway. "I never thought I'd get scammed and believe it or not, after 12 years in the investigation game, I got scammed myself," he said. I asked myself this very question when I had listed some furniture for sale on Gumtree. The article is accurate - BSB and account numbers aren't a risk for withdrawals against you. Scammers then insist on immediately transferring money by electronic bank transfer, before sending a photograph of a fake receipt and a copy of a fraudulently obtained driver's licence. Just got one to, literally 30mins after putting the post up. hotukdeals is a community for deal seekers. So I played the waiting game, nothing happened so reported as scam. She would pay for the bed and the fees once the courier confirmed the pick-up. Australian banks also have sophisticated fraud protection systems in place to catch suspicious transactions," says Marshall. Just been scammed on Gumtree - how best to proceed? The guy said it was a surprise for his son in Melb and would pay over price for it to have delivered. seriously if u had 1000$ to spend on something would u buy it over price from gumtree in another country and have it sent to another city where u aren't without so much as inspecting the item? Credit cards will provide you with recovery options/protection if you monitor it. The first message he sent me (which I've found elsewhere online) was: "Is there anything I need to know about it? I work with Flagship Marine and we are presently offshore in New Zealand. I will not be able to meet you for inspection and collection, but I have a personal representative courier agent that will meet you for collection after payment has been made, the courier agent will also handle and sort all paper work or registration if needed on this purchase when they meet you for collection. Total nightmare. You may now consider me a favorite buyer and if possible withdraw the posting from the site immediately so that I can be rest assured that it is all mine . And i dont believe there are any PayPal fees for what would be personal transfers, and with all the repeated phrases about payment via PayPal (counted "PayPal" 7 times in one email) a real person wouldn't need lengthy and repetitive sob stories explaining further sob stories to buy a simple secondhand bed or car or old dog blanket from gumtree. I said it's too dodgy for me to do so. Here is an interesting link on how they use it in a scam. The reality is that you would also need to know the billing address in the very small chance the user is still receiving regular paper bills. There is no way to get the money back from the seller. Scammers then insist on immediately transferring money by electronic bank transfer, before sending a photograph of a fake receipt and a copy of a fraudulently obtained driver's licence. So glad to see Exactly the same scenario as happened to me today. Thanks!". Hello Sarah. Where is it located at the moment? I hope we can make the purchase as fast as possible? Almost immediately after posting my bed set I got a text asking if the 'furniture' was still available, and could I reply to this email When something is too good to be true, it isn't true. I asked for a scanned copy of the prospective buyers drivers licence before I will release my bank account details. Nobody. Same through happened to me... selling a car... got 4! "If you're selling the item online and someone wants to buy the item sight unseen then that should be a bit of an alarm bell. They're using fake phone numbers, legitimate delivery drivers, the addresses that they are getting deliveries to are usually outside blocks of units. Not only was this buyer quick to respond but she didn't even discuss the price, even though I said it was negotiable. I don't mind adding an extra $300.00 for you just to take down the posting..I am already in talks with freighters that will handle the pickup and delivery .I will really appreciate if you can email more info. Do not trust online traders who ask you to transfer money because they are offshore.". My dad is selling a laptop on gumtree and someone phoned him tonight and offered him the asking price. He believed he had engaged in a legitimate transaction on the trading website Gumtree. John (not his real name) from the Sunshine Coast handed over a diagnostic mechanics tool that retails for about $13,000, but did not receive the money for the sale. Disclosing either of those numbers does not allow someone to access your Paypal account, but we do recommend you take the safety precautions mentioned in the story. and why are you selling if you don't mind my asking. Sergeant Connor said some members of a syndicate in Brisbane had been charged but their victims were spread across south-east Queensland. "Registering for a PayID is done within your usual mobile or internet banking and requires you to go through a number of identification and verification steps. Just almost got scammed. Lucas - you and your friend are quite right to be alarmed over PayPal's self-serving and frankly, downright illegal interests. does it need anything to be replace or repair? You have to wonder about these scams, like is there a set of scam rules that all emails must have spelling errors, must appear written by someone unfamiliar with English language or subject matter, and constant repetition of nonsense. What if BSB, account number AND the name of your account was given? And was curious why they wanted my email address outside of gumtree messaging ... of course now I realise why... and why they wanted my paypal account details. By reporting it and talking openly about your experience, you’re helping others to recognize and put a stop to them. Or you will end up posting on OzBargain with the other hundred "got scammed on gumtree" threads. This has been doing this for over years and is still doing it today using the exact same email address. i was looking to buy some sunglasses on gumtree and yes i know they are fake. Wanted to pay via PayPal linked to his ANZ account. Money transfer apps like Venmo, Zell and Cash App have been growing in popularity during the pandemic -- but 8News has uncovered scammers have found a way with to use Cash App to con you of your cash. Cathy. Any way to get scammed on GumTree via bank transfer? He responded with: "Good, I can only make the payment from my PayPal to your PayPal account or But by then I had given out bank details to one of the scammers. I figured it was a scam but wanted to confirm it so I replied to him. Apparently, this charity didn't require a signature to set up a direct debit but it would be a little harder to do it in Australia as signatures are generally required. They in turn open up a paypal account - in your name, which is possible because Paypal do not do a 100 point check. If you are still concerned, you may want to contact your bank. I suspect that after one or two withdrawals you would have picked it up but it is a possibility. There's a reason Gumtree prefers all transactions to take place locally and in person - there are shady characters online. HAH! The fraudster will suggest sending you a cheque, pay via bank transfer or send you money online, but “by mistake” overpay you. "It was going from the Westpac Bank to ANZ, so it was always going to take overnight and that's why I said 'you need to provide me with identification'. That can't be right - or it can just very uncommon). The above responses are invaluable to me. Further, the Paypal authorisation is likely to expire in the time it takes you to steal the person's paper bill (which would be very very conspicuous). Call 0300 123 2040 or use their online cybercrime reporting form. I am already in talks with the courier that will handle the pick-up and delivery it in NT. Every other payment system including paypal is vulnerable to scams. They then link your bank account to the Paypal account they set up using nothing more than an email address (i.e. Pleased to say I felt uneasy and did not fall for it. Does it have any history I should be aware of? reply him directly via ( now". Where is it located at the moment? We do not have access to receive calls at the moment,its 15 days off and 15 days on,which is why I contacted you with internet messaging facility. I suspect I will receive no further contact from Kim Phillips! Oh no! Why are you selling it? "There are a number of layers to the fraud. 1:46 PM (3 hours ago) But in fact the cheque is forged, the bank transfer hasn’t happened at all or the payment receipt you’ve received to your email is fake. If you did the bank transfer you will have his bank account number in whicn the police or your bank can action to reverse the transfer … Here's what happened to me: I listed my car - approximately 40mins after, I received a text mesaaage from +61 451 266 432 stating: "From GUMTREE: Davido emailed us regarding your listed vehicle, is it still up for sale? I just cant believe that Gumtree is not putting up a warning on their site. Where is it located at the moment? He says faked receipts looked like the real thing and that identifying the perpetrators had been difficult. I just gave Kim Phillips my bank details via email, so now s/he has my name, email address, approximate location and bank details. The transaction occurs via email, where the scammer says they will pay via PayPal. Agreed to do so then they supposedly sent funds through PayPal but they never arrived although I would receive a confirmation email SUPPOSEDLY from PayPal asking me to provide shipment tracking number and then my funds would be released. I had an account hacked earlier this year and the cause was solely because my bank account had been linked to the PayPal account. A courier was to pick up the bed and she would deposit the cash into my bank account. So, we doctors perform with significant autonomy, and make medical decisions when necessary, I want it to be the perfect graduation gift for my daughter and am making it a surprise package as well for her, Are you the real first owner? Click for current rate information. If you're still concerned about giving out details, Mozo suggests opening an extra account (with no monthly fees) and keeping it separate from your main account. Here are the silly questions popping up in my head - I thought how can your daughter be graduating, you must have been about 14, or 15 when you had her (sorry to generalize - many people use the last two digits of their birth in their email ID, and I thought born in 1987 and has a daughter already graduating? I strictly rejected the offer. Before accepting a payment, look out for red flags. Regarding the payment,pls get back to me with your final asking price and your paypal details so i can process the payment,you can alternatively send your bsb and acct number if you have no paypal acct.I have also contacted my courier who will come for pick up after the whole fund has been cleared into your acct. I contacted Ron hicks and demand cash or a bank transfer. The buyer should not be able to access your funds with just a BSB and account number. Due to the nature of my work i am a very busy woman working all day, i don't have access to my bank account online as am not with my credit card details here but i have my National Australia bank account link up with my PayPal account so I will be paying you through PayPal to your nominated bank account or better still is if you have a PayPal account,please get back to me with your BSB and account details or PayPal account so i can proceed with the payment and contact the courier agent who will come to pick it up and deliver it for my Daughter. Luckily it set of alarm bells and I rang PayPal who assured me that it's fake and they Never ask for items to be shipped before payment. If it is safe to provide a/c and bsb details as some are saying, then why are the scammers after this information? Were your accounts ever compromised? Thanks so much everyone for sharing these messages from Gumtree scammers! I will need this following details so i can proceed with the payment right away. i have read through the advert and i'm totally satisfied with it, As long as people like yourself ignore those whopping big letters on Gumtree that say " GUMTREE IS FOR FACE TO FACE TRANSACTIONS ONLY DO NOT SEND MONEY", there will always be scammers because there are people silly enough to feed them. Like I said earlier, I'm very busy with my job as I currently work as Marine official, so I will be paying you online via my PayPal account which is attached to my bank account because it is the only form of payment that I have access to right now and also because of its good security nature. Cheers.. Liam. 2) Paypal email address, Thanks for sharing your story, Jonathan, glad you dodged a bullet! i just gave someone the account name bsb and account number. Kept saying he had put money into my PayPal and nothing showed up so I blocked him quick smart, Thanks for the swift response am 100% keen to buy this Vehicle, Am buying it for my lovely Son who just graduated on top of his class in Australia national university (ANU) ,he studied Business Law and Professional Ethics Minor and am so proud of him . i am buying this for my first son who just graduated on top of his class at Aviation University ,I want it to be the perfect graduation gift for him and am making it a surprise package ,Does it have any history I should be aware of? In the news article from ABC News, scammers were contacting people who were trying to sell their cars.