Basic obedience training is usually done on a leash and involves the very first commands that your German Shepherd pup should learn. You have a few options to entice your puppy to lie down. Dog Training Techniques, Products Reviews and Recommendations, "This post may contain affiliate links which means we receive a small commission at no cost to you when you make a purchase. You are not required to teach all of these commands. If he stands, give him a treat from your opposite hand and praise him. The first few times you place your German Shepherd puppy in the crate, he may cry and beg to be let out. GSDs excel at obedience, so begin teaching your puppy basic commands like sit, down, and stay, as well as loose-leash walking, from an early age. Berry’s K9 Academy is an all breed dog training facility in Groveport, Ohio. Yikes. To teach the Come command, have your puppy Sit or Stand a few feet away from you. So, getting started right away is […], Your email address will not be published. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases, read our, The Ultimate Guide to Obedience Training Your German Shepherd, Blue German Shepherds: History, Health, Behavior, Care, Temperament, and Training Tips. At Leeds Dog School our German Shepherd training will train your dog to a high level in obedience.We also believe that this should involve the owner at every stage and so our training is one to one with you and your dog. He’ll begin to associate that position with the word “sit.”. Breeders observe their puppies’ personalities and drives and can match the right puppy to the right individual or family. Car manners are extremely important for the safety of you, your dog, and other drivers. PLEASE HELP! You’ll learn different ways to train your puppy, different commands to teach him, and what proper manners he should have. Just let him get used to it being on his face. Begin practicing commands in a quiet room in the house with ample space to move. Gently pull on the leash to coax him to walk toward you. WE had to stop when we had to have surgies an got sick. We also offer training for German Shepherd puppies from other areas. Walk him to that place every time and vocalize the command – whether you choose “park” or “go potty” or a variation of these. I have a 1-1/2-year old GSD. Daily walks together could help get the two acquainted and socialized with each other. Begin teaching your GSD to come when called as soon as possible. You'll find that time spent training your German Shepherd is the prime time where you will build and strengthen a strong lifelong bond with your dog. He will most likely learn a command after 20 to 30 repetitions over 3 to 4 training sessions. Compliments, hugs, and kisses also show your pup that he’s done something good. The German Shepherd Dog’s work ethic is legendary, and you can encourage your dog’s best working traits with early and ongoing training. I know it is our fault for not contining with his training. German Shepherd Obedience Training German Shepherds were originally bred for herding and guarding sheep. I like that you said to be careful not to distract or confuse your puppy. About Us. The German Shepherd Breed. German Shepherd is a dog born with a strong-willed nature. If you’ve never heard of a gentle leader, it is a type of “muzzle” that redirects the dog’s attention when they pull. He ends up choking himself without a care in the world, lol. Required fields are marked *. Count on our well-honed skills and our extensive practical experience with the training of German Shepherds. Take your puppy outside every 20 minutes that he is awake. Confidently book us K9 ADVISORS. They jump because they want to be closer to my face. Dogs of different breeds and sizes mature at different ages, and while one year of age is commonly considered the end of puppyhood in general, a German Shepherd Dog may not reach an adult level of maturity before the age of two or three (and males tend to reach this stage later than females). Keep in mind that this is a breed that thrives on constant and consistent work and training, and loves to have a job—or many jobs!—to do. You’re the proud owner of a German Shepherd (GSD) and are fully aware of your new responsibilities as… Pannus and other German Shepherd Eye Problems. Using multiple words or hand movements for one command will confuse your puppy. When he walks at your side, vocalize the Heel command and praise him. First session is always FREE, now let's talk about you and your dog, call for. In this post, we're going to answer the question "how much does it cost to train a German. If your dog moves before the end of those 5 seconds, return to your dog, ask him to Sit again, and repeat the process. In this video, Shannon is learning how to add the sit/ stay command into her heel training exercise when practicing. Approximate cost from USA to Frankfurt, Germany is $3,888.00 (round-trip). Keep in mind that training a German Shepherd never stops. During this period, be sure to expose your GSD to the many different elements of daily life and routines you will want them to take in stride as adults. He shouldn’t pull on the leash and he should stop walking when you give a “Stop” command. That’s a tough thing to accomplish, Nathan. If your German Shepherd puppy pulls on the leash, stop walking and wait for him to stop pulling. GSDs are very observant, and your puppy will pick up on your cues and reactions around new people and new situations. As for a leash, you’ll want one between 4 and 6 feet long. Once he seems comfortable with that, walk him outside doing the same thing. She has only Beene with me for 4 days. Keep in mind that this is a breed that grows to be very large and powerful, not to mention full of life. Thank you…. Eventually you will be able to walk out of the room while your dog Sits and Stays. Take a step back, enticing him to stand up, while vocalizing the Stand command. First session is always FREE, now let's talk about you and your dog, call for. As a puppy, your German Shepherd needs to know only basic commands. It sounds like he doesn’t understand the purpose of the leash and he’s afraid of it. When he obeys the Stay command correctly, say Okay! The best way for a puppy to learn where he is supposed to do his business is by automatically taking him to that place before he gives any signals. Lindesfarne provides certified AKC-CGC evaluators to test your dog for the AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) title. Obedience Training the German Shepherd. Then give a Forward command and continue walking with a verbal praise. Confidently book us K9 ADVISORS. Training your German Shepherd at home gives you the opportunity to practice as much as you want when convenient for you. Shake/Paw is a fun command that correlates with NILIF. While raising 15 dogs for the Seeing Eye, Kelly’s favorite breeds became the beautiful Golden Retrievers and the stoic German Shepherds. That’s asking for injury from an ill-behaved dog. Then move into training for safety, like crate training, leash training, and coming when you call. When you’re not home and need to keep him safely contained. To teach this command, ask him to Sit or Stand and Stay for a few minutes. Training your German Shepherd at home gives you the opportunity to practice as much as you want when convenient for you. You also run the risk of your German Shepherd picking up illnesses such as worms or kennel cough from dogs without adequate veterinary care. The Positive Reinforcement training method uses constructive correction to show your German Shepherd which behaviors are undesirable and what he should do instead to receive praise. Whatever the set rules may be, everyone must follow them. Five German Shepherd in training with Balanced Obedience. ne’er push or force him into position. Kelly Siedhof is from Pennsylvania and works as a freelance editor and writer, specializing in the canine training industry. WE GO NOSE TO NOSE WITH THE GERMAN SHEPHERDS THAT ARE TRAINED AT SHILOH K9 OBEDIENCE...LLC. I had him since he was 5 weeks old and starting training him then. Hopefully he associated relaxing activities and treats with your presence. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases, read our Disclosure", Last Updated // December 17, 2020 //  by Kelly Siedhof. How do you know what breed is right for your family? German Shepherd Training In Action. In the English language, the breed’s officially recognised name is German Shepherd Dog. Levers K9 Obedience Training. You will deepen a relationship with your dog. From German Shepherd potty training right through to advanced obedience training your GSD will prove to be a great student. Don’t take him for a walk right away. Over time she’ll get used to your dog being nearby. The proper equipment for leash training includes a collar, a leash, and a treat pouch. Spending time coaching all breeds of dog is very important, however German Shepherds appear to thrive on the challenge of learning new things and creating their owner happy. To teach the Forward command, leash your German Shepherd and ask him to Sit beside you. What is the best way to get your GSD to not jump on guests when they come into your home? Cary kibble or small treats while training or walking to reward your puppy for proper pace during leash training sessions. My question is, do you think her behavior is just because she’s new here, without her group and she’s scared? They tighten as the dog pulls on the leash, so begin working with the collars while practicing commands in the house. If your German Shepherd wants a treat, you can ask him to shake “hands” first. A little education for yourself and your puppy can go a long way. Your initial German Shepherd training should focus on basic obedience. Alternating forms of praise prevents your pup from becoming dependent on treats. Being gentle with the training collar does not pose any risk to your dog. German Shepherd training cost can be varied depending on your area. If you allow your puppy to pull at a young age, he’ll grow up thinking that pulling is acceptable behavior. Give him a treat and praise him. You should be able to find a high-quality food for your pup! German Shepherd Training, Obedience Classes and Training Guides German Shepherd training is an important part of your dogs development. Some treats are high in fat, so be sure to check the nutrition label for healthy treat options. What would be the correct way to fix that problem. Repeat this exercise one or twofold on a daily basis till your dog can merrily drop on command. All rights reserved. You run the risk of getting into an altercation with an unsupervised dog and getting blamed for injuries simply because you have a German Shepherd (whether you are at fault or not).